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As a practice, before I begin to write my newsletters, I take the time to read a special “writing” prayer that ends with, “Help me be a force for good with my words.”

I love that because it allows me to write from a place of non-attachment to the outcome and full connection from my heart. It reminds me that what I am doing here is to share what I know in the hopes of spreading goodness in the world. I also realize that to a large extent, I am writing because my Spirit has something to share. I discipline my mind to take a back seat to allow my heart to speak so that I don’t mask what I really want to say for fear of being judged.

Ever feel that way…..fearing judgment from others?

Well, I certainly do! The fear of being judged can be so strong that it can paralyze us from actually stepping up to our “true” calling in life. It is a powerful foe if we let it.

But today, I write because I want to remind you that using your words to create goodness in the world is an absolute guarantee for living a more fulfilled and meaningful life and that judgment should be ignored at all cost! You know exactly what I mean, don’t you? Of course, you do because when someone uses loving and kind words towards you, you feel good, appreciated, recognized, and honored and conversely, the fear of being judged stunts all growth.

Using words as a means to create goodness in the world is a simple practice that goes a very long way. To be sure, it requires a certain amount of discipline at first. It will take some awareness to focus on how we are to respond to another or even to ourselves!

Notice, if you naturally use kind words when you are talking to yourself or if you tend to be harsh. Do you acknowledge yourself for the work that you’ve done today? Do you acknowledge yourself for showing up? Do you thank your amazing body on a daily basis for functioning at such a high level?!

I heard recently that the root of the word discipline comes from the word “disciple.” The definition of the word disciple as per a quick search on google is “a follower or student of a teacher, leader, or philosopher.”

As per Kim John Payne, author of The Soul of Discipline, discipline can be interpreted as a tool to “guide,” to get others “to follow you happily and well and have fun doing it.” So, discipline in this sense is not used as a tool to punish, or to obey rules but rather, as the root word suggests, to voluntarily follow and emulate another by practicing everyday so as to enhance one’s knowledge.

To me, this definition makes perfect sense and furthermore, excites me! I think that we have been bamboozled into thinking and/or believing that discipline in large, has to do with a punitive approach.

Instead, what I continue to learn is that if someone chooses to use discipline as a means for self-improvement, personal growth and focused action, that discipline is our best friend!

I am reminded of this every single day in my practice where my clients have developed incredible discipline and have become marathon runners, devoted parents, professional dancers, yoga instructors, committed entrepreneurs and fearless game changers.

Just imagine if you disciplined yourself to Be A Force For Good With Your Words! Imagine the possibilities if you used language to uplift another, to congratulate someone, to use your words to transform misery into complete ecstasy! You would become a Ninja Word Bender, that’s what 😉

Today, Be A Force For Good With Your Words. Uplift. Enlighten. Support!


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