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“The Creative Leadership program was incredible. As a coach myself, I know the importance of having a coach, a truly trusted advisor who can give both tough love and unconditional support.

Anne-Marie is the epitome of what a coach should be. With a unique combination of meditation, centering, accountability, and thought-partnership – this is truly a coaching experience like no other.”

Valia Glytsis

“The work that Anne-Marie and I have done together has given me the strength, confidence and self assurance to push forward in both my personal life as well as my career.

Her work in all areas has affected me immensely and continues to help shape me as a human being, an artist and an aspiring leader.”

Ashlé Dawson

“What I found remarkable was her ability to work on my body and integrate that work to what was happening in my life. By releasing the stored tension and aligning my body, I was able to feel freer emotionally and mentally thereby creating space for a more balanced life.

I had been aware that mind, body and soul are connected, but through working with Anne-Marie I experienced the connection in my own body, mind and soul. It was a transformational lesson for me.”  

Barbara Katsnelson

Working with Anne-Marie has definitely transformed my life path.

When I met her, I was in great pain due to grief from the loss of my mother, total dissatisfaction in my job, and serious health issues. I knew that I wanted to create change and embrace my talents and my life, but I felt very stuck and overwhelmed as to how to do that. Within a couple months of working with Anne-Marie, I gained clarity on what I wanted to do.”

Grace Kraaijvanger

“After a year and a half of depression, little sleep and no energy – I had gotten stuck in an unhealthy pattern, which I couldn’t seem to get out of. Meeting Anne-Marie was a new experience for me…

I was overwhelmed by the positive energy and love that Anne-Marie met me with….

In the beginning of 2013, I decided that I wanted to do the Creative Leadership Coaching program. It was AMAZING! During the program I was challenged on so many different levels; I had to start being honest with myself, I started to accept my past and most importantly – I started to take control over my life again.”

Oda Alexandra Michelsen

“I met Anne-Marie… yearning for my life to change. I remember the anxiety I had during that time. I felt the life I wanted for myself was within my grasp but I had no idea HOW to get beyond the veil of confusion I woke up to every day.

Looking back…. CHOOSING to do the Hellerwork series with Anne-Marie was a pivotal point in my life

As a professional dancer and artist, my transformation in life gave me tools to be more truthful, vulnerable and honest in both my training and performance.”

Adelita Hinojosa-Martin

“After working with Anne-Marie from the spring of 2012 until the spring of 2014, I realized that
Anne-Marie is a distinct, powerful, committed, and caring coach, Hellerwork body specialist, and human being.

With a powerfully magnetic personality, Anne-Marie has constantly impressed me with her work ethic, knowledge, and genuine care.”

Andres Javier

“I started seeing Anne-Marie because of long term pain in my lower back and right sciatic nerve impingement… Her work has aligned my shoulders and hips as well as reducing sciatic and hip pain.

I would recommend her because it is more than a “quick fix”. The treatment starts bringing results after the first session and it keeps working after the twelve sessions have been completed. ”

Shauna Sorensen

“Instant transformation is what I experienced when I met Anne-Marie…. I’m an artist. I mainly express my art through the physical and vocal.
The work I did with Anne-Marie got me more in touch with my self-expression. I am a living example of her work.

I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been. I’m excited about life. I’m so much more loving;
I connect with others more easily; I’m happy; I’m empowered.

I’m so grateful for Anne-Marie and her Bodywork and Coaching series. Words cannot express so I choose action.
I live this and share this everyday.”

Guillermo “Gimotion” Blinker