I have been trying to come up with a testimonial for about 8 days now that I felt would convey Anne-Marie Duchene’s greatness. I hope this gives you a taste………

I came to Anne-Marie because I wanted to get Structural Integration done. From the very first meeting she instantly made a difference for me. She’s was beautiful, kind, knowledgeable, and interesting. She took care in how she treated me and her work place was beautiful, clean and felt safe.

What I found remarkable was her ability to work on my body and integrate that work to what was happening in my life. By releasing the stored tension and aligning my body, I was able to feel freer emotionally and mentally thereby creating space for a more balanced life. I had been aware that mind, body and soul are connected, but through working with Anne-Marie I experienced the connection in my own body, mind and soul. It was a transformational lesson for me.

At the end of the Structural Integration sessions, I ended up signing up for the Creative Leadership Coaching Program.

The program supports me in creating results in my life that are beyond transformational. I wish everyone I knew had an Anne-Marie for a coach. I am literally making my dreams come true.

For example, within the year and half I have been working with her, I started dating my boyfriend and we’ve moved in together. I have stopped making issues in my life as dramatic as I used to and because of this I am more peaceful which is a large part of my vision for my life when I started the program. I have been able to see my father and stepmother in a different and new light which has allowed us to have a more loving and connected relationship. I have realized how much I try to change people I love, and as a result I have been consciously catching myself in the act and stopping myself, and as a result of that, I have created deeper loving bonds between myself and my loved ones. The list of results from working with Anne-Marie is endless and I can’t thank her enough.

Outside of my results, I feel that it is important to share a few examples of Anne-Marie in action when she’s inspiring me, supporting, and standing for me.

A few weeks ago I was on a coaching call with her and she said to me “we’re not going for excellence we are going for mastery!!” I thought to myself this is just one of the reasons I chose this woman to be a guide, a messenger, a mentor, a coach and a friend.

Another example is one I hold deep in my heart and am truly grateful for- A few months after our work started together my mother had passed away. It was a profoundly painful experience and I needed all the support that I could get. To my surprise on the morning of the funeral she had arrived to be there by for my family and me. She took time out her day to come and support me only months after we had met. I don’t know of many people who would do that. I am truly blessed that she did, and continues to stand by me.”

Barbara Katsnelson
Corcoran Real Estate Broker

“Working with Anne-Marie has definitely transformed my life path. When I met her, I was in great pain due to grief from the loss of my mother, total dissatisfaction in my job, and serious health issues. I knew that I wanted to create change and embrace my talents and my life, but I felt very stuck and overwhelmed as to how to do that.

Within a couple months of working with Anne-Marie, I gained clarity on what I wanted to do and my goals. A few months later, I had turned that vision into a business concept. A short year later, my business “The Hivery” is open and thriving, and is an inspiring women’s collaborative and co-working lab.

Before “The Hivery”, I knew that I wanted to work with women and create a vibrant, creative space for women to cultivate ourselves, but I wasn’t sure what that could be or if I would ever fully step in and do it. With Anne-Marie’s guidance, support, encouragement, and accountability, I made it happen. Because of our work together, I was able to successfully and gracefully leave a high-level full-time job to focus fully on my own business. Anne-Marie helped me to make informed, smart decisions that were pragmatic and responsible, and at the same time fully aligned with my dreams and creative aspirations.

Anne-Marie holds high expectations for her clients, keeps you accountable for driving and designing a life you love, and reminds you consistently that you’re worth the trust and passion she brings to you and her work. I continue to work with Anne-Marie as she pushes me to improve, learn, grow, and stay curious, resilient, and fearless. Anne-Marie is a spirited warrior and a gentle guide. She has given me the gift of love for myself and emotional fitness. The valleys of life don’t seem so dark when you’ve climbed out and stood at the peaks.

Anne-Marie helped me to radically change my life in the most positive ways. For that, I will always be grateful to her. If you have the opportunity, definitely work with Anne-Marie!”

Grace Kraaijvanger
Founder, The Hivery

After a year and a half of depression, little sleep and no energy – I had gotten stuck in an unhealthy pattern, which I couldn’t seem to get out of. Meeting Anne-Marie was a new experience for me, I was nervous and did not know what to expect. I was overwhelmed by the positive energy and love that Anne-Marie met me with.

She was so kind and exactly what I needed – a person that listened and truly cared. I had two bodywork sessions with Anne-Marie that summer, and a few Skype sessions during the fall.

In the beginning of 2013, I decided that I wanted to do the Creative Leadership Coaching program. It was AMAZING! During the program I was challenged on so many different levels; I had to start being honest with myself, I started to accept my past and most importantly – I started to take control over my life again.

I had been seeing several different therapists/Dr’s in Norway before I met with Anne-Marie, and every single one of them told me to ignore my childhood. A childhood including financial difficulties, separation and then divorce, and a father with a serious substance abuse. Anne-Marie helped me deal with my past in a way that was good for me. She didn’t ignore me and how I felt about it – I was heard and taken seriously.

Due to the contact with Anne-Marie and her Creative Leadership Coaching program, I have become more confident (I’m certain I have grown at least an inch due to better confidence), I am making better decisions regarding my health, I love and appreciate more, I dream, I have become a better leader and I have started to love myself again.

Working with Anne-Marie is not “a stroll in the park”. She will challenge you and make you go within yourself, go deep and connect. This can be difficult, but it sure as hell is worth it!

If you have the opportunity to work with Anne-Marie, I would urge you to take it! It changed my life for the better, and I’m eternally grateful!”

Oda Alexandra Michelsen

“My name is Adelita Hinojosa-Martin. I am a professional dancer, registered nurse and mother to two little boys (2.5 years and 9 months). Anne-Marie Duchêne has been in my life for nearly 8 years. When I chose to do the Hellerwork series with her, physically I had injured my back & left scapula. Emotionally and spiritually, I was looking for personal peace.

As a nurse, lifting, turning heavy and chronically ill patients was common and lead to a lower back injury which caused my big toe to go numb. I also lived with intense pain to my left scapula due to a college injury. I was in constant chronic pain, which intensified every time I worked a 13-hour nursing shift. As a professional dancer/performer, these two injuries made it challenging to train & perform at my highest level.

I met Anne-Marie wanting…no, yearning for my life to change. I remember the anxiety I had during that time. I felt the life I wanted for myself was within my grasp but I had no idea HOW to get beyond the veil of confusion I woke up to every day. Looking back….CHOOSING to do the Hellerwork series with Anne-Marie was a pivotal point in my life. She explained that my self growth, emotional and physical healing would be determined by my involvement and commitment to the “the work.” So, I’d get out of it what I put into it.

She reminded me to be gentle and nonjudgmental with myself during the process. These 2 concepts were new & foreign to me at the time…a young Latin woman who grew up in the south & in a Catholic family, I had never heard of these concepts relating to self-growth & transformation. But they made such an impact in my life that they continue to help me transform my life today and the lives of people around me.

Physically, the Hellerwork series returned my body (my instrument) to a place where breath & movement could live freely. I no longer had any pain to my left scapula. None! After living in daily pain for about 4-5 years! And I had full sensation in my toe.

With this newly found physical freedom and knowledge of the body also came a deeper level awareness of self. And that awareness continues to grow & evolve to this very day. It’s been one of the most amazing experiences because I am constantly expanding as a human being & finding connections to the living breathing community around me.

As a professional dancer and artist, my transformation in life gave me tools to be more truthful, vulnerable and honest in both my training and performance.

I continued to get “adjustments” as I became a mother, both during my pregnancies and after my pregnancies. Both are delicate periods during a woman’s life. The Hellerwork approach recognizes that a person’s emotions are intertwined with their physical body. Anne-Marie’s gentle but committed presence during my sessions and adjustments greatly assisted my body while I carried each of my most precious gifts, my sons. After my first born, I went through post partum depression. And the adjustments continued to help me through the healing process.

I am grateful for this “work” and for the woman committed to her vision. Thank you Anne-Marie.

Adelita Hinojosa-Martin
Website: Adelita Hinojosa-Martin

“Coming to Anne-Marie was completely unplanned. After moving back to NYC after graduating from New York University, I had many physical and emotional issues to work through. The reason that I thought I came to Anne-Marie was because I needed help with getting back into dancing, but it turned out I needed more guidance in navigating my goals, dreams, and health concerns.

After a period of anxiety and some depression, I had returned to NYC and dancing to find my body severely limited, specifically my knees and hips.

After working with Anne-Marie from the spring of 2012 until the spring of 2014, I realized that Anne-Marie is a distinct, powerful, committed, and caring coach, Hellerwork body specialist, and human being. With a powerfully magnetic personality, Anne-Marie has constantly impressed me with her work ethic, knowledge, and genuine care.

Since working with Anne-Marie, I have been introduced to a new ideology and school of thought that allows me to be empowered, accountable, and responsible within a realm of possibility. Despite the challenges that I have been presented with, I now understand that I have a lot more power and control over the direction of my life. Aside from being a vast source of knowledge, assistance, support, and a hands-on coach, the main reason I would refer anybody to Anne-Marie is because she is fully devoted to the well-being and the improvement of her clients.

The reason I continue to work with Anne-Marie is because she has always remained honest and positive and most importantly a true friend who I consider a partner, a leader, and a teacher in helping me navigate my decisions and especially those in regards to my health, family and professional life. I have completely transformed myself from being insecure and disempowered, to being a man, artist, and entrepreneur that operates from a place of integrity. Today I can more easily hold myself accountable and work on large goals because of Anne-Marie. I have worked on vast amounts of personal development, goal setting, and many career projects.

Andres Javier

“Anne-Marie and I have shared a journey of self-discovery – mind, body, and spirit – for over a year now. I began with the Hellerwork Structural Integration series and knew within a few minutes of meeting that she and I were meant to work together. We are cut from the same cloth and I believe that there is nothing more important than feeling that chemistry and trust with the person you choose to become your partner towards health, connection, and leadership.

The Hellerwork series allowed me to explore my body and its interconnectedness in ways that I never imagined. The passion, knowledge, and pure love that Anne-Marie brings to her work are contagious. I learned more about the outside-in and inside-out connection of the mind and body than I have in any other form of bodywork. I left each session feeling truly astounded by the beauty of the body and power of true healing.

Once the series was over, I wanted more of Anne-Marie’s wisdom and we began coaching privately together. The Creative Leadership program was incredible. As a coach myself, I know the importance of having a coach, a truly trusted advisor who can give both tough love and unconditional support. Anne-Marie is the epitome of what a coach should be. With a unique combination of meditation, centering, accountability, and thought-partnership – this is truly a coaching experience like no other.

Above all – what I want to share – and what I have a hard time putting into words is the person that Anne-Marie is. She exudes energy in all that she does. She shows up to every meeting, every conversation, every question with her entire being. With such intense presence and passion, she is an example of what it means to live life out loud and savor every single moment that we all share on this earth. It has been a sincere please, honor, and privilege to work so closely with Anne-Marie in multiple capacities and I look forward to our continued journey… Thank you, Anne-Marie!”

Valia Glytsis
Leadership Development Trainer / Coach / Speaker

“I began working with Anne-Marie on the recommendation of a friend whose judgment I trusted.  As a dancer and life-long athlete, I had a high level of body awareness and a tendency to primarily believe in self-correction.  (If I listened to my body, it would tell me what it needed, and then I could act accordingly.)  I always had a strong body and mind, a high tolerance for pain, and had never sustained long-term injury…that is, until I booked a long-running Broadway musical. I had no prior knowledge or experience with bodywork.

In my work with Anne-Marie, what stood out to me then (and sticks with me to this day) was her unequivocal belief in her practice and staunch commitment to me and my healing — physically, mentally and emotionally.  I had finally found a healing method and a person who spoke my language — that healing is a total-person experience.  You can’t effectively treat one part without treating the whole.”

Lisa Nicole Wilkerson
2012 Recipient Fred and Adele Astaire Award for Outstanding Female Dancer in a Broadway Show

“I met Anne-Marie in a social context and was thrilled that she was a Certified Hellerworker Structural Integration Practitioner. I immediately signed up for the series. Having had experience with this work before, and unlike most of her clients, I actually knew what to expect—or so I thought. In 14 years since my first experience, she had evolved the work and I was doing the series with Anne-Marie. Her energy is unlike anyone else’s I have ever worked with.

She has the perfect combination of strength, compassion, knowledge, skill, clarity and joie de vivre. Her extensive dance background allows her to help me go so deep —completely organically. I treasure my time in her care. I am about to finish the series. I will not be waiting 14 years to return but rather will set up regular “tune ups.” Why wait for something to become pathological? I’d much rather remove it before it becomes a problem and there is no one I would rather share that process with than Anne-Marie Duchêne.”

Peter Byrnes
Lúgh Studio Inc.

“Going through this process with Anne-Marie has changed my life forever. What began with a desire to deal with a major milestone in my life unexpectedly became a vehicle for the growth for my mind, body and soul. Anne-Marie’s passion for and knowledge of her work truly brought out the best in me.

My experience with Anne-Marie has transformed my relationship, both with myself and with the world.”

Beate Ewing
Global Event Director & Yogi

“Hellerwork with Anne-Marie truly transformed my life. I began the series because I was training for my first marathon while working a stressful job and I wanted my body to train as efficiently as possible. The physical results were profound (increased energy, feeling more grounded, sleeping more soundly and I effortlessly gave up my morning espresso!)

But perhaps most astounding was the enormous impact it had on my spiritual and emotional well-being. As a psychologist and an athlete, I can honestly say, I’ve never experienced anything like it. My life has transformed in nearly every way– along with the physical integration came a personal integration which pushed me to make the necessary changes to create a life that is in line with my true desires.”

Heather Mckee
Psychologist & marathon athlete

“Instant transformation is what I experienced when I met Anne-Marie. It was outside of her office when we were talking about neck and back pain and what she could do to assist me in realigning myself.

My desire and my commitment to achieve optimal health and her commitment to my success created an explosion of energy that transformed the world every time we were working together. I was exactly where I needed to be……

…….In the moment. And in that moment we created possibility after possibility. She taught me to: love, trust, release, receive, connect, step into my power and to empower the people around me.

I’m an artist. I mainly express my art through the physical and vocal. The work I did with Anne-Marie got me more in touch with my self-expression. I am a living example of her work. I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been. I’m excited about life. I’m so much more loving; I connect with others more easily; I’m happy; I’m empowered. I’m so grateful for Anne-Marie and her Bodywork and Coaching series. Words cannot express so I choose action. I live this and share this everyday.”

Thank you.

Guillermo “Gimotion” Blinker
Dancer, Singer, Songwriter, Choreographer

“After completing the Bodywork sessions with Anne-Marie I’m not living in the same body! I’m taller, standing more solidly and I have an overall sense of relaxation that I never had before. I gained an incredible amount of awareness regarding the connection between my mind, body and soul. I feel like the series has helped me in dropping unnecessary baggage and breaking old habits. I feel smoother and freer in my movements and in my mind.

I’m a real pusher by nature and I often go beyond my limits. This often causes me both physical & mental stress. After completing the sessions I feel much calmer and more at ease with myself in my everyday life. I no longer feel the need to push myself in an unhealthy manner. I learned how to listen to my body and work with it instead of against it, because the fact is, we only get one.

Doing this work with Anne-Marie has really made a difference in my life!”

Kristina Kjellsson

“I came to Structural Integration four months ago looking for relief from chronic muscle pain.  I found that relief and so much more.  As I moved through the series my view on what was possible began to expand.  Each session was a dedication to change and growth both physical and mental.  This is truly a transformative practice that creates space and fluidity in your body that will translate to your life.  Thank you Anne-Marie!”

Candice M. Taylor
Nutrition & Lifestyle Consultant

“Wow! I totally appreciated this session especially due to the injury in my left ankle and how much better it felt after just one session focusing on the feet and legs. This is the first time ever in my dancing career that I can actually feel a difference in my demi plié and in the alignment from knee to feet. I definitely feel like I am on the right track. It feels like the space inside my feet was expanded, lightened somehow.

I loved Anne-Marie’s elbows in my glutes…intense & felt oh, so good! For a dancer, there’s nothing like getting one’s glutes released! I used to compensate tremendously from my lower back but now have a much better relationship with my body & overall alignment. I can really feel an improvement of how I stand on my feet. I feel solid, anchored and fluid not only physically but within myself as well.”

Charles Alexis-Desgagnés

“Feeling free and unlimited in my body, mind and spirit, aware of physical condition of my anatomy and acknowledging emotional reality inside of me. That is where my experience with Anne-Marie has left me. The series gave me precious tools for using and guiding my body to its full efficiency and taught me how to treat myself with loving-kindness.

Anne-Marie is a one of a kind professional, putting her heart and soul into her work. Thanks to her, I now feel much better, stronger and wiser both physically and mentally.

“Knowing yourself is enlightenment” – and that’s where I’m heading with Anne-Marie´s assistance!”

Sandra Kramerova
Dancer / Teacher / Choreographer/ Yoga Instructor

“Being a Salsa and Zouk dance teacher and professional performer and competitor, I have been using my body in strenuous ways. After 8 years, it struck back and I experienced this horrible back and shoulder blade pain. My right side was compressed and pulling back. There was a sensation of shortening happening. I didn’t know what to do to make it feel better. I tried stretching…a lot!….yoga, working out on my left side to create balance….nothing really worked for more than a couple days.

Last year, having recently moved to NY, I was introduced to Anne-Marie Duchêne and heard great things about her work so I decided to give it a try. My first session was a short 30-minute introductory session where she helped me with my back and shoulder blade pain. I need to say…IT WAS MAGIC! I didn’t understand how she could make my body release in such a way and move the connective tissue in a manner that I was feeling the actual shifts happening in my body! I had never felt anything like it before and felt so free inside of my body. I was so thankful and couldn’t wait to start the series with her!

Each time I came to Anne-Marie, it was an “out-of-body experience”. Her knowledge about bodies, energy and life all mixed together completely transformed my life & my dancing, opening another level of self and body awareness. I felt this each and every single session. It was not just a healing experience but a retreat to a world of innovative thinking, inspiration and knowledge.  I couldn’t wait to share this experience with my husband, Josh Vandiver.

I’m so thankful not only for my own transformation but for my husband’s as well.”

Henri Velandia
Professional Dancer/Instructor/Performer

“I have been raving about you and your work ALL week!! I have been faithfully rolling up, rolling down, rolling all around 🙂 I have been trusting all of the open spaces inside of me that you so graciously revealed on Monday. Breathing. Grounding. Loving myself. And, good news! I had a lesson today, and probably one of the best of my career.

The greater thing is that the piece that I worked on hadn’t been touched in almost three weeks. When my teacher exclaimed, “Oh my, what have you been doing? It’s like you have new arms!” I told her all about you! So, I send you lots of love and a thousand ‘THANK YOUS!’ I’m feeling GREAT!

Thank you so much for sharing. Thank you for your kindness. Thank you for your openness. To say that I am grateful for you and your presence would be an understatement!”

Juliette Jones


“I first met Anne-Marie in the summer of 2012. A friend recommended me to meet up with her before I left NYC after 3 weeks. I trusted her words and my instincts completely and felt a huge urge to meet this lady, not knowing exactly why.

From the very first moment I could feel Anne-Marie’s attention and interest. She opened my body and mind by showing a deep respect and a listening heart. She is there. Completely. And she expects you to be too. With Anne-Marie’s help I learned to see the parallels between body and mind. I learned to know myself better. I learned to dig into the uncomfortable sides of me and recognize the fruits that I could reap from it.

We kept in touch, mainly because the upcoming months got really hard for me, being in a system with people I had a hard time connecting with. I sprained my ankle and needed help to recover both body and mind. I turned to Anne-Marie for help over and over again, not being able to get present and in balance with myself.  I did the work. I climbed the mountains. Anne-Marie will not do that for you. But without this beautiful human being’s methods, her tools, her love and intelligence I would never have been able to stand this tall, this grounded and this proud after the most difficult and challenging 10 months of my life so far.

I chose to begin the 3-month Creative Leadership Coaching Program immediately after having experienced the bodywork series because I stood ahead of a long audition season, feeling stressed and nervous. I had already seen and felt what Anne-Marie’s methods did to my body and mind and was completely sure I would find it helpful. In the end, I not only managed to be accepted into the school that I wanted the most, but I also faced some of my biggest fears.

Being in this program with Anne-Marie, we spoke for 30 minutes every week. In the beginning it felt strange to only have those 30 minutes when I was used to having sessions almost twice as long with her. After a while I got better at getting to the core of issues immediately, I was able to get present faster. With this kind of training and help I am now in my daily life able to shift faster when I see myself getting stuck into my patterns.

These patterns have been hard to face because they live on such a subconscious level. Without Anne-Marie’s help I would not have been able to deal with them and seen the detrimental consequences that my patterns were having on me. Anne-Marie’s guidance through this journey of – what I felt were – new parts of me emerging, was truly helpful. It taught me to stay connected. I developed a clear understanding of where I was coming from and what I am made of.

I have been working hard for the last three months. Mentally, I learned to see how my “emotional muscle” needed to be fit in order for me to be “fit”. I always ended up feeling more grounded after doing proper work with this “muscle”. Anne-Marie’s methods work. There is not a single doubt in my mind that this work helps!

I deeply recommend Anne-Marie and her work.

I am forever grateful for you.“

Marie Bru Eide

“When I first met Anne-Marie, my life was in an Aristotelian state of potential. “I should know more, Anne -Marie… I should be able to understand if what I write is good or not… I should study more… ”.

I Should.

The spontaneous question one would ask at this point is “ and why don’t you do it?”

Because I thought I was not good enough.

They call it “The impostor Syndrome”, a very common psychological phenomenon among graduate students in their first year.

I’m a Ph.D. student. I came here all the way from Italy. Three years ago I applied for one of the most prestigious schools in the U.S., and I made it.

When I met Anne-Marie I couldn’t remember that, I couldn’t remember why I even applied for Grad School. I couldn’t remember that among thousands of applications, someone had chosen mine.

The only thing that I could think about was “They made a mistake. I’m not good enough”.

Talking with Anne-Marie is a process of self-discovery. First of all she made me get rid of the word “should”. “You do something or you just don’t do it”, she says. There is no space for “should” and regrets.

The conversation with her is challenging. She puts you on the spot, asking simple questions: “What do you like about yourself?” What are your best qualities?”

And you don’t know. You can’t answer.

And that is the whole point. We are used to focusing on what is wrong with us, and we forget to love and appreciate ourselves.

Anne-Marie’s method is simple. It reminds you to Love yourself.

What I learned from Anne-Marie is a concrete method: I learned to recognize the enemy’s voice – and guess what? Most of the time, your worst enemy is you – telling you “you are not good enough”. I learned to recognize it and shut her mouth up.

You ARE good enough. You CAN challenge yourself.

Anne-Marie’s coaching helped me to set new goals to achieve. She helped me to find the courage to be in the arena fighting again, trusting myself, and attaining my true potential.”

Ph.d. Student