Mindful Communication Classes

Focusing on the purpose of the moment; truly valuing others; being respectful, thoughtful, and intentional in everything you do: these are all essential components of mindfulness. But the first and most fundamental aspect of mindfulness is the way in which you communicate. Everything else revolves around communication, since it is the cornerstone of all instruction, training, collaboration, and interpersonal interaction.

Upcoming Mindful Communication Classes

Mindful Communication Class

This month, we will be exploring How To Communicate Mindfully Around Difficult Topics.

Mindful Communication encourages us to pay deep attention to one another. It encourages us to disconnect from the circle of fear, contempt and even panic that is so prevalent in our society today.

Engage in Mindful Conversations around topics that include:

Learning how to develop emotional intelligence at this time in the world right now;

How to communicate mindfully around difficult topics;

How to express anger in a mature and compassionate manner;

Learning how to create healthy boundaries in our lives;

Learning how and when to say “no” and “yes”;

How to express your opinion from a non-aggressive perspective even when you don’t agree;

Learning how to use “control” as a growth tool;

Evolve and expand your emotional intelligence and heart-centered power!

…and many more topics!

PLEASE BRING A FRIEND, YOUR SPOUSE, PARTNER(S), LOVER(S), FAMILY MEMBERS, AND NEIGHBORS! Bring someone who is also interested in taking a “Deep Dive” into these important subjects. Dare to show up and invest some quality time in expressing yourself from a safe and heart-centered perspective to bring some awareness, insight and creative energy into the circle!


Friday, October 27, 2017
Location- NYC (the exact location will be sent to you once you RSVP)
6:30pm – 7pm: Meet & Greet
7pm – 8pm: Interactive Talk with Anne-Marie Duchêne
8pm – 9pm: Extended conversation w/ snacks
Please BYOB.
This is a FREE event.