Hellerwork Structural Integration

With more than 30 years of results to reference, Structural Integration has long been the secret of professional dancers, Olympic athletes, musicians and many others determined to find relief for pain and injuries that interfere with their chosen vocation and lives.

This powerful integrated system of structural bodywork has medical doctors directing patients with chronic aches toward this effective body therapy as a way to dramatically improving posture, eliminate overall physical pain, tension and greatly increase flexibility. This work is most effective for those suffering from chronic, joint and visceral pain as well as severe muscular stiffness (including fibromyalgia), a feeling of overall misalignment and tightness in the body, migraines, TMJ, and post surgery/post birthing process. It allows you to optimize how you use your body by making the connection between movement, body alignment and personal awareness.

The result is natural free movements, optimum balance to your body’s structure and improved posture and fluidity.

Although this work is effective for temporary pain or tension relief, we recognize that pain and tension are usually the result of an overall pattern of imbalance occurring in the person. Rather than treating the pain or tension “symptom” of this imbalance, Hellerwork Structural Integration focuses on re-balancing the entire body, returning it to a more aligned, relaxed and youthful state.

Hellerwork Structural Integration practitioners are trained in the application of functional biomechanical and kinesiological analysis and in what they believe are effective ways of changing a client’s structure. Often connective tissue (fascia) is manipulated to allow body segments to shift to a more balanced position. Re-education of the client’s movement patterns and other modalities are commonly used in the belief that they can achieve or support the goal of improved alignment.


Hellerwork Structural Integration “taps” into four elements:
structure, function, emotion and energy. The body is realigned using proven connective tissue manipulation techniques.
This connective tissue is known as fascia.


Initial visit: $350 (90 minutes)


– Client Intake Form;
– Structural & Movement Pattering Analysis;
– Psycho-Somatic Questionnaire;
– Bodywork;
– Art of Alignment’s Client Handbook for note-taking and detailed breakdown of each session.

Subsequent sessions: $295 (75 minutes)

12 Session Series: $3,540

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** In an effort to meet the needs of all of my clients and to assure as much calm and clarity in scheduling, please respect my 48 hour cancellation/rescheduling policy to avoid cancellation fees. (Cancellation fee = price of session)

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