5 Areas Where Mindfulness Can Improve Your Life

I am a firm believer in the alignment of every aspect of life, as well as an appreciation for the moment. If one area is out of sync with the rest, the resultant dissonance has a detrimental effect on all other areas. With so much potential available to each one of us, daily mindfulness is an important tool in achieving our individual goals. Over the […]

What Works 100% Of The Time

As a practice, before I begin to write my newsletters, I take the time to read a special “writing” prayer that ends with, “Help me be a force for good with my words.”

I love that because it allows me to write from a place of non-attachment to the outcome and full connection from my heart. It reminds me that what I am doing here is to share what I know in the hopes of spreading goodness in the world. I also realize that to a large extent, I am writing because my Spirit has something to share. I discipline my mind to take a back seat to allow my heart to speak so that I don’t mask what I really want to say for fear of being judged.

Ever feel that way…..fearing judgment from others?