Mindful Walking in Nature

Mindfulness is an art. Mindfulness is an orientation – a way of life – and communication is one of the primary ways we can demonstrate mindfulness. Communication encompasses more than just the words we speak.

The Power of Community…. and Why You Need One

I am entering my ninth year as a Hellerwork practitioner. Within my community, I am still a baby practitioner as many of my colleagues have been practicing for 20 or more years. It is a wonderful community.

The Art and Science of Being a Mindful Business Leader

Mindful communication is an integral aspect of comprehensive mindfulness – the most obvious, fundamental way you convey your awareness of and concern for others. As a business leader, there can be many things that distract from being mindful.

Mindful Communication

But the first and most fundamental aspect of mindfulness is the way in which you communicate. Everything else revolves around communication, since it is the cornerstone of all instruction, training, collaboration, and interpersonal interaction.

Mindfulness and Mental Health

I have spent the last several months discussing how mindfulness can improve each area of our lives, and now I address the final area in which mindfulness proves to be important: mental health.

Mindfulness and Your Family

As we strive to align every aspect of our lives, this series now moves on to what is likely a sensitive topic for many. Family relationships are connections in life that you didn’t necessarily choose but find yourself engaging with on a daily basis.

Mindfulness and Your Relationships

Science tells us that mindfulness is linked with higher levels of satisfaction in both personal and professional relationships. Not only does mindfulness promote compassion, but it can actually minimize impulsive behavior.

Mindfulness and Your Physical Health

Mindfulness has an enormous and positive impact on our physical health. Increasing awareness towards our physical bodies subsequently encourages us to nurture a healthier relationship with ourselves.