The Art and Science of Being a Mindful Business Leader

Being mindful, and communicating in a mindful manner, is an art.

Artistry takes dedicated practice. It takes listening and fine-tuning. It takes trial and error. And in the end, your efforts produce works of art – beautiful, unique, individualistic, breathtaking art.

What artists create is undeniably their own, but, to be fully appreciated, art must have an audience. Art that is most powerful is impactful. People walk […]

Leadership and Personal Development: Why Every Business Leader & Entrepreneur Needs It…Continually!

I have watched Ben and Julian build Body Local since they launched it six years ago at Reflections Yoga Studio (now Reflections Center for Conscious Living & Yoga). At that time, I was renting a therapy room at Reflections and would see Ben and Julian almost every day with a slew of young interns chipping away at creating what has blossomed into a thriving organization […]