Can Your Body Really Heal Your Mind?

If you had suggested to me, the idea that “your body can heal your mind” about ten years ago, I would have probably agreed with you. I would have agreed with you because I believed it.

Today, this concept is no longer simply a belief. I have actual proof that the body can and does heal the mind. This happens when your body is in a deep state of relaxation. When you slow down long enough to connect with your breath and allow for a gradual release to come over you.

As you let the weight of your body widen your back, form the top of your head to the back of your heels, your mind also releases the confines of its thinking structure to mimic your body.

When you are in this state, the best thing that can happen next is to receive a loving and connected touch. In my case, that shows up as an integrative bodywork session.

As we address and move through areas of your body that may be feeling pain or discomfort, a shift also occurs in your mind.

It’s called the Body-Mind connection.

A shift can and usually also occurs on an emotional and spiritual level.

And what I mean by spiritual is that your spirit, your animae, what animates your body, also know as your vital life force will also experience a shift in consciousness.

A shift in consciousness is a shift in the body.

A shift in the body is a shift in consciousness.

By now, as you may have guessed it, as your body progresses into releasing any pent up stiffness, tightness, tension and/or pain, this sense of relief is communicated to your brain through your nervous system where a synchronicity of surrender occurs.

Let me give you an example….

You’re sitting at your desk for several hours. All of a sudden you realize that you are completely hunched over your desk, your head is protruding away from its central axis and you are feeling pain.

You step away from your desk, take a couple of deep breaths, do a few head rolls, maybe even roll all the way to the floor and get a good, long stretch in your legs, back and neck.

Suddenly, your mind is clearer. It feels like there’s a little more space living in your body. You grab a drink of water, slowly walk back to your desk and get back to work.

That….that was your body healing your brain.

You’re sending currents of energy throughout your body, you are inviting more movement both musculo-skeletally but also throughout your nervous system.

When you receive integrative bodywork, you discover a new way to communicate information to your brain.

It’s all happening in the “soma”, in your body first. And that’s important because in this way, you get to create a deeper relationship with your-self. Literally.

And that’s important because you can learn to take better care of your body and therefore, develop a deeper connection to your body, which invites a deeper understanding of their relationship.

Essentially, the power of this work is to get you to slow down enough to hear what your body is saying. It’s in that listening that you can change how you react and deal with pain… and in the process you get to release your mind and enliven your spirit at the same time.

Anne-Marie Duchêne