Next Group Coaching Call: Cultivating Body-Mind Awareness
Friday, Sept 22, 2017
10-11:30am EST

$25 *FREE for all active coaching program members. You still must register to receive instructions for the call.

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Cultivating Body-Mind Awareness is a powerful daily practice in learning how to identify and prevent illness and dis-ease in our lives.
Our bodies ARE our compasses. It is through the body that we can align our senses to identifying what is off balance physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.

During this call:

  • We will identify the distinction between Mind-Body and Body-Mind;
  • We will practice Body-Mind Awareness;
  • We will attune to our senses and explore a body-felt-sense approach to mindful presence;
  • We will begin to develop a sophisticated yet simple approach to self-healing.

As usual, these calls are highly interactive. Please come prepared to participate with an open mind and heart 😉

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