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The Power of Community…. and why you need one.

I am entering my ninth year as a Hellerwork practitioner, and it is a wonderful community.

Mindful Communication for Business Leaders

Mindfulness is an art. Mindfulness is an orientation – a way of life – and communication is one of the primary ways we can demonstrate […]

Mindful Communications in the Workplace

As we continue to examine mindfulness in communication, I want to keep exploring how critical mindfulness can be in your professional life. Mindful communication is […]

The Art and Science of Being a Mindful Business Leader

Being mindful, and communicating in a mindful manner, is an art.

Artistry takes dedicated practice. It takes listening and fine-tuning. It takes trial and error. And […]

Mindful Communication

How do we demonstrate mindful communication?

Focusing on the purpose of the moment; truly valuing others; being respectful, thoughtful, and intentional in everything you do: these […]

Mindfulness and Mental Health

I have spent the last several months discussing how mindfulness can improve each area of our lives, and now I address the final area […]

Mindfulness and Your Family

As we strive to align every aspect of our lives, this series now moves on to what is likely a sensitive topic for many. […]

Mindfulness and Your Relationships

The art of alignment is about synchronizing every aspect of our lives, and little by little, creating a happier and healthier self. This holistic […]

Mindfulness and Your Physical Health

Last month, I discussed the importance of mindfulness in life. Because the art of alignment lies in synchronizing all areas of our lives, integrating […]

5 Areas Where Mindfulness Can Improve Your Life

I am a firm believer in the alignment of every aspect of life, as well as an appreciation for the moment. If one area is […]