What is Art of Alignment?

Art of Alignment is an integrative lifestyle model that offers Bodywork Therapy, Creative Leadership Coaching and “Mindful Communication” classes. All programs are designed to support you in attaining optimal health through enhanced self-awareness and massive action taking!

I have created these programs to help you in developing and, most importantly, maintaining consistent alignment in three major areas of your life:

  • Body/structural alignment.
  • Mind-body integration.
  • Strengthening and intelligently conditioning your body like an athlete!

In order to connect to oneself fully, all aspects of the person must be acknowledged. Oftentimes, we focus specifically on one area of our lives at the expense of another. Attaining full access to a truly fulfilling life requires that we investigate our present way of living. Only then can we honestly assess our current reality. Once recognized, we can strategically integrate methods that can successfully support our growth process.

I offer you three distinct and integrative methods to help you align yourself to the life that you are meant to live. Alignment is about feeling at ease in your body, being at peace in your heart and mind. Ultimately, it’s about being free!

Integrating the physical, psychological and creative aspects of ourselves is
what Art of Alignment is all about!

On the Hellerwork page, you will find all the information that you need pertaining to this bodywork method. S.I. has been making the front pages of many publications based on its celebrity testimonials and widely supported effectiveness. It is by far one of the most complete and integrative approaches to pain relief and body alignment available.

My Creative Leadership Coaching Program is specifically designed to ignite the Creative Leader in you! Based on Leadership, Presentation Skills and Creative Coaching techniques, you will learn how to develop self-awareness improve your communication skills and dramatically increase self-confidence.

Last but not least, join once a month for my Mindful Communication class which will guide you in focusing on the purpose of the moment; truly valuing others; being respectful, thoughtful, and intentional in everything you do: these are all essential components of mindfulness. But the first and most fundamental aspect of mindfulness is the way in which you communicate. Everything else revolves around communication, since it is the cornerstone of all instruction, training, collaboration, and interpersonal interaction.

I invite you to spend some time browsing on my website and see for yourself if any of Art of Alignment’s programs are right for you. If so, let’s get started right now!

Fine-tune your body and your mind TODAY! Do not wait.
Your life is NOW. Really.

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Get Aligned. Get Integrated. Get Results!


Anne-Marie Duchêne
Founder, Art of Alignment