Anne-Marie Duchêne

For over 25 years, Anne Marie Duchêne, Founder of Art of Alignment, has coached and assisted hundreds of clients around the world in restoring their health and wellbeing. Informed by her own training as a dancer and athlete, the goal of Art of Alignment is to offer tangible tools and programs to support the renewal of health through holistic means.  Anne-Marie empowers her clients to make profound and lasting decisions that transform their lives through a close examination of personal habits and wellness goals.

Educating from the viewpoint that the body IS the inherent healer and that psycho-emotive states influence pain levels manifested in the body, her work focuses on an integrative medical model designed to treat the person, not just the disease.

Anne-Marie is a certified Hellerwork Structural Integration Practitioner and is presently acquiring her Visceral Manipulation Certification from the Barral Institute. Her research includes yearly laboratory dissections with a focus on fascial and integral anatomy. Her education includes advanced training in neuropathy, biomechanics, osteopathy, psychosomatic therapy and Voice Dialogue.

As a Strategic Intervention and Leadership Coach, she developed a coaching curriculum for top IT executives and management teams for Oracle University and Microsoft in Silicon Valley, CA. At Art of Alignment, she designed her own Creative Leadership Coaching Program that focuses on the fundamentals of self-awareness and creative communication. She also offers leadership coaching to individuals, couples and groups.

Anne-Marie was Cirque du Soleil’s first “Dance Specialist” artistic talent scout where she auditioned hundreds of artists in all artistic backgrounds for Cirque’s nineteen shows. She has traveled extensively throughout Europe, Latin America, Japan and the Caribbean and has studied shamanic rituals and yoga as part of her ongoing clinical research.

Anne-Marie holds a Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Anthropology from University of California, Berkeley and has an Associates degree in Communication from Concordia University, Montreal, Canada. She is a Faculty member for the Hellerwork International Education and Training Board, a member of IASI (International Association of Structural Integration), IAHP (International Association of Healthcare Practitioners) and a VIP CEO Circle Member and Mentor for Womensphere, an organization committed to the unleashing of women’s power and leadership in the world.

UC Berkeley Alumni
International Association of Structural Integration (IASI)
Hellerwork International (HWI)
Womensphere VIP CEO Circle & Mentor