A Prayer for You

It’s always the right time to be grateful. And this week, for millions of Americans, Thanksgiving is a time of connection with family, and a time to bow our heads in gratitude for all that we have.

It is also a time loaded with cultural and political strife. How can we give thanks when so many are suffering, when so much seems to be going wrong in our country, when discord is the new slogan whether you find yourself on the right, left or anywhere in between?

My heartfelt wish for you, at this time of the year, is to spend some time with yourself.

Perhaps, take some quiet time to gently listen to your own being without judgment.

I read somewhere that to observe oneself without judgment is the highest form of human intelligence.

Make it a special moment for you, to quietly sit and take a few contemplative steps back to view your world from a slightly different perspective. Open your peripheral vision.

Is it possible to be thankful and also feel the pain of others at the same time?

I think so. There is space within us to feel many emotions at once. My sense is that letting go of judgment, blame, resentment and anger is inherently healing.

Maybe that a helpful prayer to all living beings and things this Thanksgiving can be as follows:

Great Spirit,

Please use me as an instrument of your wisdom to carry in my heart a temperament that is mild. 

Let All beings be free from pain. Let peace reign amongst all Living Things. Let the love in our hearts reach out to one another so that we may hear each other’s cries for acceptance, tenderness and understanding.

From my heart to yours…..

Know that you are deeply loved. You are appreciated. You are always safe.

Anne-Marie Duchêne