This powerful integrated system of structural bodywork has medical doctors directing patients with chronic aches toward this effective body therapy as a way to dramatically improving posture, eliminate overall physical pain, tension and greatly increase flexibility. This work is most effective for those suffering from chronic, joint and visceral pain as well as severe muscular stiffness (including fibromyalgia), a feeling of overall misalignment and tightness in the body, migraines, TMJ, and post surgery/post birthing process. It allows you to optimize how you use your body by making the connection between movement, body alignment and personal awareness. The result is natural free movements, optimum balance to your body’s structure and improved posture and fluidity.

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Anne Marie Duchêne

“My intention is to empower and educate people in realizing how responsive their bodies and minds are in the healing process, when they are fully acknowledged. Awareness is the primary tool. Full integration and restoration of health is the result.”

– Anne-Marie Duchêne

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